Through an annual series of Course Development Grants, SPAM supports the course development by educators at the college level in the history of public and private support for the arts in the United States.

Course Development Grants are intended to expand college and university teaching of the history of support for the arts in the U.S. Applicants, who may come from disciplines other than art history, must demonstrate that the proposed course is entirely new or substantially revised from old course offerings at their school.

Applications should include the following information:

A resume with contact information during the review period.

A budget detailing course materials that will be purchased with SPAM funds and a list of other funding sources, if any.

A proposed syllabus with course goals clearly articulated.

Specific information about when and where the course is to be taught and how the course is expected to contribute to current curricula at the host school.

SPAM expects Course Development Grant funds to be spent and the course instigated no later than 9 months after the award date. Grantees retain all copyrights and are entitled to all payments and honoraria resulting from the publication or project.

Applications must be received by March 15. Applicants are notified by May 1. Grants may not be deferred.

Mail three copies of the application to:

Society for the Preservation of American Modernists
c/o Rebecca Foster
177 Ten Stones Circle
Charlotte, VT 05445

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