Through an annual series of Publication Grants, SPAM supports the authorship of articles or books by independent scholars, writers, students and professionals in the following subject areas: the artistic contributions of the American modernists, and the history of public and private support for the arts in the United States. Either of these areas may be explored in a successful application.

Publication Grants are intended to encourage non-academics to do original research, and to encourage academics to make their research accessible to the public. SPAM will include the work—published or unpublished—in all SPAM research archives and databases. While applications are welcome from all individuals, applicants with a clear and realistic publication plan will be favored by the selection committee.

Applications should include the following information:

A resume with contact information during the review period.

A budget and a list of other funding sources, if any.

A description of the project and, if applicable, the larger project (i.e., book, dissertation, exhibition catalogue) of which it is a part. Writing samples should be no longer than five pages.

A detailed publishing plan, including a list of potential publication venues that describes why such venues are appropriate for the project and what contact has been made with the publishers.

A timeline for completion of the project.

Grants average $1,200.

Applications must be received by March 15. Applicants are notified by May 1. Grants may not be deferred.

Mail three copies of the application to:

Society for the Preservation of American Modernists
c/o Rebecca Foster
177 Ten Stones Circle
Charlotte, VT 05445

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